When burying a shipping container there are a lot of steps and safety measures involved. Also, you have to figure out what you are trying to build a food cellar, doomsday bunker, hurricane/tornado shelter and much more.

When you know what you would like to build its time to prep your land. Depending on the height of the shipping container you buy is how much of a hole you should dig down into the ground or into a hillside. Make sure to include an extra foot to two for added roof supports, width of the container is 8’ but make as wide as 12’.

Pour in gravel or crushed stone for a level bed for the container to sit on so you don’t hive issues down the line. If you have a hillside bury the container driver can back into your hole and unload the unit. However sometimes the hole is to steep so you will need a crane. You will also need a crane or forklift if you are burying your unit not in a hillside.

From here you need to check over your unit make sure there are no major rust spots or holes if there is treat them. Also think about extra moisture barrier on the outside like tar.

Shipping containers are made out of core ten steel for their frame but the body is just corrugated steel so you will need supports all the way around. We suggested treated lumber to add extra strength on the sides, stack lumber all the way to the top.

Last create a roof to the container. Add treated lumber or metal I beams running perpendicular across the unit so the wood or metal takes most of the weight of the dirt and moisture. If you have buried your container and not used a hillside there are a few more steps to make an access latch from the top. Add support beams within the shipping containers for safety measure. Make sure you have proper ventilation and lighting via battery or solar power. We suggest you advise with an engineer before moving forward with a project like this!

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