Natural disasters are very scary to go through. Tornadoes and hurricanes and can cause some of the worst destruction and harm. We are told to find shelter find a basement or bathroom and wait out the storm or leave if the storm is far enough away. Well sometimes your home is hit or the extra winds starts tearing away your home leaving you vulnerable to the storm or worse.

Shipping containers are made out of core ten steel and have been wind tested. With this being said if you’re in-tornado alley or live in a place frequent to tornadoes and hurricanes our suggestion is to anchor it down. Using a concrete slab or concrete pillars with rebar to anchor to, it  will reinforce your container so it will not move. Make sure each corner is secured down, and if you would like you can add straps over the top for added security measures .

Second solution is burying the shipping container underground. With doing this there are a lot more steps that you need to do to make sure your safe and your container roof wont collapse. Look at our other blog to figure out how to bury a unit safely!

Last make sure you have the necessities added to your container. Include solar or battery powered lighting and ventilation system. Also adding electrical outlet can be very beneficial as well for emergencies needing a cell phone is mandatory.

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