With land and home values getting some expensive people are thinking outside the box nowadays. The tiny home movement has been in full swing since the early 2000s. If your looking to build a tiny home or large home building with a shipping container makes since.

Shipping Containers provides your structure of your home for a fraction of the price as well as the aesthetic look on the outside. The inside start out by removing the floors, they are not safe because of the chemicals used on them. Then start framing out the unit run all necessities and your typical cost is from $10,000-$50,000 for your new home!

Building larger homes with containers can be cost effective as well as a very cool look. Time and time again we hear the look of the shipping container homes are hard to stop looking at and very modern idea.

Again, building with the container gives you the structure to start building. You can stack them, off set them and lay side by side. With your imagination you can build whatever you like. Adding these to your existing home is a great idea as well.

Building with shipping container does have some difficulties as well though. Make sure you have the appropriate tools to cut through core ten steel or 14 gauge corrugated steel. Such as a grinder or plasma cutter. Cutting. out sections doors windows or holes are tougher because it is metal. You also need to take in to consideration is getting the unit in place and how you will set it. 40’ units weigh 8500lbs plus so you need to make sure you have a crane on site.

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