Can I come pick my storage container out?

Unfortunately not, we have safety and federal restrictions on allowing customers on the depot/port. That is why we have 3 inspections and a 5 year structural and 1 year leak warranty.

Do we move containers?

We dont move empty or full units at this time. Our drivers are very busy keeping up with the demand.

Do we customize shipping containers?

We don’t paint or add on doors, vents or cut holes in the units.

Can I pick the color of my storage unit?

We only guarantee color in new units. Used units we don’t guarantee color because they are held in large stacks and we rather buy top of the line conditions.

How do we accept payment?

We accept Card, Check or Wire transfer to start delivery. We don’t accept Paypal cash or payment upon delivery 

How do I prepare for delivery?

We need 130′ for unload and have to pull forward straight  with no turns. We need 12′ wide and 13’6 tall. When we unload the highest point is 20′ tall. We need a level area and supports to go under the container ex: railroad ties, treated lumber crushed rock or cement pad.