When it’s hot outside the first thought is to cool off or find a pool to get into. Pools are a great addition to any home and adds value. However, installing a pool into the ground runs very expensive. The other option is having an above ground pool but they seem not to last long and don’t look that great.

We have found the solution; Shipping Containers are a great solution to build an above ground pool. First with a 20’ or 40’ shipping containers you now have your base for the pool at a fraction of the price.

You will need to cut the top off using a plasma torch or grinder. Be careful to pay attention because this is how you can control the depths of the pool (shallow or deep).

Containers are wind and water tight from the outside however to be able to hold so much water you well need to waterproof the inside adding a treated waterproof layer.

From there you will need to install a draining system so the water can still drain properly and have water pumped in as well. Next, it’s time to start attaching pumps and mechanical equipment for your pool. Our best advice is to consult a local pool expert so you have the right equipment.

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